Candidly sawing woods in the tub. | 2014. (à

Paper making with the roommate :) | 2014.

Ce livre est pour toi, mon copain. This is how the cover of the first book looks like. | 2014. (à

Monotype with water-soluble crayons tonight. | 2014. (à

Process shot of a new book with the concept of water. | 2014. (à

18”x24” color viscosity copperplate. This is the first proof - sketching on the surface using a brick with litho grits, and an etching needle. | 2014. (à

The book is halfway there. Now I just need to add the content and catch up on my sleep! :) | 2014. (à

Making a book for someone really special tonight! :) | 2014. (à

Close-up of Ribbon. | 2014. (à

Learning new ways of folding paper today. The Map Fold on the left and Accordion with cutout elements on the right. Making mock-ups are pretty fun! | 2014. (à